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Mindful Healing Works

was founded by Erin Meyer, an LCPC graduate from Johns Hopkins University; whose mission is to revolutionize the world of mental healthcare. Erin believes there is a demand for accessible spaces where people can feel at home and without shame. She built Mindful Healing Works on the idea that excellent mental healthcare should be afforded to everyone. Mindful Healing Works’ holistic approach is accomplished through their team of multidisciplinary clinicians. What would it feel like to experience holistic care for your mind, body, and spirit?

Mindful Healing Works is a space dedicated to helping you heal and grow safely. We believe you can live a life that you love! As a client, our top priority is to make sure you feel valued and seen. We are accredited by CARF International and accept most insurance providers, as well as various other services and programs that will help you thrive in your wellness journey. Mindful Healing Works believes that the best way to change the landscape of mental healthcare is by providing professional guidance, resources, and healthy practices to those that lead to your greater healing.