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Mental Health Counseling

(Individual, couples and family)

Reaching out for help takes courage.

At Mindful Healing Works Wellness Center, we are erasing the stigma and shame that surrounds seeking professional help for your mental health.

We encourage you to reach out as an individual, couple, or family through our counseling. We are here to help you explore all aspects of your life and guide you through a journey to heal past trauma, build a positive present moment, and break the cycle of living in distress.

We tailor your treatment to your personal experiences to ensure your recovery.

Individual Therapy

Our individual therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of emotional and mental difficulties. Our clients will receive an individualized treatment plan personalized to their experiences to pave their road to recovery.

Couples Therapy

Our clients may be at a crossroad in their relationship. We offer a comfortable environment in which both parties will be heard. A provider is there to assist in navigating these difficult situations and to mediate any disagreements.

Family Therapy

Our providers create a safe space for families to open up and address any issues or concerns a member may be experiencing. They will offer effective strategies/solutions to assist your family through difficult times.